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What is Human Growth Hormone?

Human growth hormone (somatropin – or “rHGH” (Recombinant Human Growth Hormone), HGH also known as GH) is a peptide hormone that plays an important role in the growth, regeneration and reproduction of cells. It also controls fat burning and blood sugar levels in human body.

But at the age of thirty years, the levels and natural development of growth hormone starting to decrease. Lower levels of HGH result in a series of signs and symptoms, such as: loss of muscle tissue mass and even muscle mass tone, heightened fat storage, reduced physical mobility, fatigue and minimized power degrees, reduced healing ability, putting threat to establishment heart conditions, reduced life expectancy, hair loss and wrinkles and more.

Use of growth hormone

HGH treatment in late 30’s can improve, or even “recall” these symptoms in the majority of those who avoid growth hormone therapy. That is why you hear descriptions of growth hormone such as “The Fountain of Youth” and so on. It can simply provide a better quality of life for older people (30+), of course, provided that it is done properly and that there are no other complications that make it impossible for growth hormone therapy.

HGH is primarily used in medicine to treat children with growth disorders and adults suffering from a lack of growth hormone. But there are more and more known cases of people using HGH in sport and especially in bodybuilding as well as for anti aging purposes.